Strategic planning is the first steps and tasks of strategic management, as it relates to determining the direction of the organization in the future, which in turn involves defining both the mission and objectives of the organization, based on the analysis of the current and future situation of each of the surrounding environment and its own capabilities, after which those goals are translated into programs and plans at the strategic, operational and operational levels.

In light of the contexts of development and acceleration towards knowledge and its technical and administrative paths within higher education institutions, the vital role that strategic planning plays in overcoming the obstacles and challenges posed by global developments in the fields of education, management and technical development, which confirms the importance of strategic planning in an effort to advance and progress in our societies.

King Abdulaziz University has witnessed a remarkable development in strategic thought in the administrative and educational aspect and in keeping with global developments. This is represented by the university administration adopting the principles of strategic planning with the aim of developing a comprehensive long-term plan through which it seeks to raise the level of the university and its entities to become among the distinguished universities at the local and regional levels. The university has achieved remarkable successes in this field, both in its first and second strategic plans, and the results that have resulted in placing the university in the ranks of the first universities in the Arab world and in the list of the top 200 universities at the international level, according to significant international and Arab rankings.

In the third strategic plan (Enhancing), which the university started implementing in the middle of the year 1436 AH, then it took upon itself the alignment between the plan’s initiatives and the initiatives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020, which produced a number of qualitative initiatives that are being worked on today to make the difference in the university’s educational outputs.

The programs and initiatives of the Vice-Deanship for Educational Affairs constitute the lion’s share of the total initiatives of the third strategic plan, and they focus in their entirety on effective education paths, developing academic programs, services and student activities, increasing the effectiveness of preparatory year programs, keeping pace with developments and needs in the technical environment, and distance education programs, in addition to To keep pace with the ongoing transformations in the field of restructuring and effectiveness of academic programs to be self-reliant in terms of funding and support. Because the principles and tools of strategic planning, in addition to the follow-up and implementation of initiatives within the Agency’s sectors, have become an urgent issue, the spread of this culture and the adoption of strategic thinking constitute the most prominent challenges that the Agency faces in implementing its strategic plans. Strategic planning and occupy the following roles:

1 - Work to follow up the implementation of programs and initiatives for the effective teaching and learning process within the Agency's sectors.
2 - Participation in building strategic plans for the university in accordance with the educational priorities of the sectors.
3 - Providing field support to sectors in the field of planning, strategic and operational initiatives and applications, and providing sectors that need models - operational plans to achieve their performance indicators
4- Verifying the reality of the sectors’ achievement in the indicators of the initiatives entrusted to them, and the conformity of the achievement with the field reality in each sector.

During the third strategic plan, the unit works on developing its role to include measuring the impact of strategic initiatives in making the educational difference that affects the university’s output in the labor market, to keep pace with the aspirations of the university’s higher management in preparing a generation of young men and women who are able to efficiently carry the banner of change and transformation to achieve the ambitions and directives of the leadership Our dear country.

Prof. Abdulmonem Abdulsalam Al-Hayani

Vice President for Educational Affairs

  Pioneering in promoting strategic thinking and planning in the University Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs to ensure that the qualitative impact of the university’s strategic goals is achieved


  Supporting the sectors of the Vice-Deanship for Educational Affairs in a professional and professional manner to enable them to plan and implement effective strategic through technical support, follow-up and measure the impact of the strategic plan projects on the educational outcomes of the university 


1- Spreading the culture of strategic planning within the sectors affiliated to the University Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs.
2- Training on the concepts and applications of strategic planning within the sectors of the University Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs.
3- Emphasis on measuring the impact and efficiency of the achievement of the sectors of the Vice-Deanship for Educational Affairs for strategic projects.  

The introductory film for the strategic achievement book
for the initiatives of
the Vice-Deanshipfor Educational Affairs
related to the Kingdom’s vision 2030